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Еxoskeletons. Fantasy becomes reality

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More recently, exoskeletons — devices for replenishing the motor functions of the human body due to the skeleton — seemed to be something of a fantasy sphere)
In fact, this is reality and it is closer than we think.
They are already on sale and the average cost of their products is from 75 to 120 thousand euros
Еxoskeletons are actively used in medicine, helping people with disabilities live a full life
They support, as well as completely the framework of the human body and its individual parts
I heard recently that scientists invented lightweight versions of an exoskeleton, weighing not more than 21 kg, on a battery.
Exoskeletons become soft and plastic
It seems to me, soon, we can do them ourselves, as the design and manufacturing technology is simplified and facilitated. So they will become more accessible and we will be able to help more people live richly and brightly




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