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How I started surfing

written by:
Natalie, I\'m 21, I love sports and devoted my life to surfing.

I\’ll tell you about my hobby, about that it takes all my free time. It\’s surfing. I do not recommend newcomers to learn this independently, this is dangerous both for you and for others. I bought my first surfboard in 16 years. Learn how to surf more or less, turns, steep waves, I could only after two years of hard work. Health and physical form have become better, I do not have long breaks in surfing. Now I\’m surfing with my sister, I\’m getting her to prepare for this an…


Рекорд Гиннеса! Поражающий трюк

written by:
Maks Lastov
Я студент. Учусь понемногу, читаю книги и отдыхаю. Быть старостой довольно сложно, но я справляюсь и люблю это.

Новый мировой рекорд!