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Жизнь на колесах

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Здесь и сейчас.

Впервые трейлер для отдыха был создан компанией Bristol Carriage Company в 1880 году.
Его построили для доктора Уильяма Гордона Стабелса, популярного подросткового писателя в жанре приключений и фантастики.
Именно он, первым в истории, оказался тем человеком, что заказал «…


Charm and inner strength of India

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I\'m 19, I\'m just filling my life with adventure

I just returned from India yesterday.
It was a great trip))))) Goa inspires with its beauty.
I did not plan it, but in the tour-firm I\’ve got a booklet.
I expected that there may be boring, but it turned out otherwise))
Clean water, hospitable Indians, large, bright beaches. By the way, there was very tasty food.
I\’m a very active person, but there was such an atmosphere that I did not even have a need to communicate with people.
Scooter on a Goa is just a necessary …


My unforgettable trip to Amsterdam

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In April of this year, I finally visited Holland, a country where I had long dreamed of traveling. It all started with a walking tour of Amsterdam, the guide told us about the history of this city. It was founded on the Amstel River in the 13th century. This city has a difficult history, it suffered from floods, storms, but gradually Amsterdam became rich, trade and economy actively developed. Soon Amsterdam became the capital of the Netherlands. We began the tour from Damm S…